Quality and Service 

Below are represented some of the projects in which the American Leadership Company is working or have been completed over the years.

Some of our projects

Home in Atalaia

Linhaceira Day Center

Home in Linhaceira

Two floors residence in Linhaceira

Glass cover on ruins 

Demolition and roof replacement

lideramericano.ptimage 499

Demolition and roof replacement

Rehabilitation of Property in Tomar with execution of a new roof and finishes.

lideramericano.ptimage 516

Glass cover over Historic ruins

job site in the city of Tomar 

Work done in Tomar next to the Sports Pavilion

Home  in Atalaia

lideramericano.ptimage  467

Home in Atalaia

2 floors House built brand new  with modern lines and finishes of high quality.

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Senior Daycare center  in Linhaceira

Linhaceira Senior Day Center, extension of the Parish and Social Center of Asseiceira.

House in Linhaceira

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House in Linhaceira

House  built in the locality of Linhaceira, in which the quality finishes and interior stone columns stand out.

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lideramericano.ptimage  476

Two-story villa in Linhaceira - Lider Americano Company, feels immense pride in this villa, with luxury finishes and a modern design that represents very well our quality of work and attention to detail.

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