Our Services

Combining an experience of many years, Construções Líder Americano, Unipessoal Lda, is responsible, in Portugal and especially in the central region, for carrying out various construction and rehabilitation projects, including swimming pools and pavilions, libraries and multi-purpose buildings as well as various infrastructures in the areas of environment, health, commerce and industrial arenas.

Our  broad set of specialized skills in all engineering areas, the versatility, quality and innovative capacity of Construções Líder Americano, Lda, place it in a prominent position in our country.

We offer a wide range of services


We execute the General Construction of Buildings, from the foundations to the final finishes

scaffolding rentals

We rent scaffolding for any type of job so you do not have to invest in the purchase of this material.

Masonary jobs

We perform masonry, plastering and laying of masonry

Stucco and Painting 

We do all kinds of paint work  and applications of stucco

Iron and locksmith work 

We perform all kind of civil and industrial  iron and  locksmith  jobs


We do all kinds of domestic and industrial plumbing


We carry out all types of mechanical and manuai demolitions


We refurbish homes, shops, offices and other commercial spaces, kitchens, bathrooms and other residential spaces

Asbestos Removal

We remove, transport and provide treatment of asbestos-containing materials and  asbestos waste

Ceramic tile work 

We install all types marble, granite and ceramic tiles to walls, floors and swimming pools


We rehabilitate building facedes, terraces and  roofs 


We remodel house interiors and commercial spaces with plasterboard


We install blinds for sun protection, security and light control


We perform waterproofing on terraces, roofs, facades, basements, gates, joints and pools

Construction Cleanups

We Perform all kinds of Construction Cleanups

Concrete Structures

We execute all type of structures and elements in concrete


We carry out all kinds of carpentry work in dwellings, commercial spaces and others

PVC and wood celings

We install all types of up false ceilings, from pladur to solutions in pvc or wood

Air Conditioning Systems 

Because an air conditioning system is essential for both homes and corporate buildings

Pavers, wood, ceramic and stone floors 

We perform all types of interior and exterior flooring